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Hey, lovers! It's Jackie/Emma (sparklyspaz) and Jen and I have followed the pursuit of ANOTHER Degrassi Role-Play and I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if any of you joined...

Jen and I have been working super-hard on it, and we'd REALLY appreciate it if any of you joined. Plus, if you state that you played a character here, you'll be auto-accepted for sure & your characters would be held forever. 

Yeah, my bribery sucks. But for some reason, I'll give you a cookie never really does it...

Much love!



PS: If any of you still ready this thing, you can add my personal journal!


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Soo...we're dead. Sorry to you active members, but we're offically closed.

I really hate to see this community go. I had the most FANTASTIC roleplaying expirence EVER. In the begining, this community was FLOURISHING and I recieved so many compliments about the maturity level and on whole, how great it was. And really, it was amazing. Thanks to all of you who have pulled through to the end, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Jen (Manny) and I have started yet ANOTHER, however, this is a Boarding School RPG. Please check it out! winston_hs

Here ends my shameless self-promoting.

Alright! I love all of you and good luck with the rest of your lives! ahaha

XOX Jackie/Emma


Im going to take another 2 weeks off. I just started a new job and im not sure of what times ill be able to update but most likely still be on AIM! Thanks!


It's been fun!

Well guys, it's been fun! But i'm afraid it is now time for me to sat goodbye.

i've been uber busy with work and friends and family and balancing degrassi on monday nights. I am dropping all my rps, for now and i don't know if i'll come back or not.

Sorry guys

You guys can always contact me

Aim- Look Its Kake
YIM- randomly_yours04
Lj- http://www.livejournal.com/users/youronlykathy
myspace- http://www.myspace.com/theoneandonlykathy

If anyone is a member on degrassi-boards
my user name is: Walmart Shopper

have a happy holidays everyone. Sorry.

<333 Kathy

Marco Application

Marco sat back on his bed, letting out a loud sigh. So far things seemed to be going well. He finally had gotten over his breakup with Dylan, and now he was able to pay attention to the importan things in life. His friends, school work and his family were all that were on his mind now. "Maybe...maybe I'll just take a break from dating for a while. What harm could that possiably do?" With that he took out a book and started his newest project...living.
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I have MAJOR computer problems. Yeah, AIM doesn't tolerate my computers problem...so AIM is totally sucking right now. I just wanted to appologize just in case I have/or potentially will sign off on any of you :D

Oh, and...happy yom kippur!
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Welcome potential Degrassi Students to degrassis_rpg. Please check the user info before applying. The user-info has all the rules & character information nessecary. From here on after, all community entries will/should be locked. Please apply with the following application:

Desired Character:
Character Journal:
Character AIM:
Is your first entry up?
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Any comment/questions/concerns regarding this community may be IMed or replied to this entry.
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