Emma Nelson (sparklyspaz) wrote in degrassis_rpg,
Emma Nelson

Soo...we're dead. Sorry to you active members, but we're offically closed.

I really hate to see this community go. I had the most FANTASTIC roleplaying expirence EVER. In the begining, this community was FLOURISHING and I recieved so many compliments about the maturity level and on whole, how great it was. And really, it was amazing. Thanks to all of you who have pulled through to the end, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Jen (Manny) and I have started yet ANOTHER, however, this is a Boarding School RPG. Please check it out! winston_hs

Here ends my shameless self-promoting.

Alright! I love all of you and good luck with the rest of your lives! ahaha

XOX Jackie/Emma

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    Sorry guys ... I'm going to have to leave.

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