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degrassis_rpg's Journal

Degrassi RPG
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Hello potential Degrassi students :) Welcome to [Bad username: degrassis_rpg] a mature and active role-playing community, open for roughly four months. Our community is always churning productive and ultimately dramatic storylines. We have a strong base of role-players, who have been here since the beginning, but we’re always welcoming a new set of players. I hope ya’ll can navigate easily, and I encourage all who are interested to apply. If you have any comments/questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact a moderator. However, always check the rules because they’re updated frequently to comply with any question you may have. I’m Jackie, and I’ll be playing the role of Emma. My best friend, Jen, our other moderator, will be taking up the role of Darcy. Once again, if you need help with anything—don’t hesitate to ask!

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Hazel Aden- hazel_eyesxo
Jimmy Brooks- half_broken_jb
Jay Hogart- thehogart__
Ashley Kerwin- crashinashley
Craig Manning- craig_oh_woah
Spinner Mason- spinnaxstix
Paige Michalchuk- xopaigehun
Ellie Nash- brokensoul__


Darcy Edwards- darcyedwards
Peter Hatzilakos- peter_cam
Ricky Murray- kcir_yarrum
Emma Nelson- sparklyspaz
Manny Santos- smileyqurl
Heather SinClaire- ms_sinclaire
JT Yorke- notjustthemasct

Dylan Michalchuk- hockeydm

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1) This roleplay is following the CTV schedule. However, its a free play. If you only watch the episodes on the N, thats perfectly OK. If you're spoiler-free, that may be a situation. If you'd like access to the episodes, or a brief summary, a moderator or another friendly member will happily provide. WE'RE LEAVING OFF DURING THE LATE SUMMER AFTER SEASON 5!

2) Please refrain from one-liner entries or asterisks or teenie talk. Teenie talk includes alternate caps, or substituting symbols for letters. You'll be warned if you start a habit of it. Please have a few scentences in your entries (at least.) Describe scenes that took place, the setting, your characters mood, etc. OOC chat can be one-liners. SPAM OF ANY TYPE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED You'll be warned for "accidental" spam.

3) Activity is monitored and cuts will be made. In-activity after two weeks will not be tolerated. After being cut, you're character will be in "pending" process. You'll have 3 days to return and say you'd like to pick up your character. After that, the character will be handed over to someone else. PLEASE remind me when you won't be active, and for long-term (a month or more) a replacement will take over the spot. If your character is vital in a plot-line(s), they will be replaced immediatly.

4) We ask that when applying, you have a first entry up. This way we can tell if the character suits you well, or if you're right for this RP entirely. The mods have the right to reject your application. I won't be nit-picky about flaws, or occasional spelling errors. If you're entry is a one-liner, not very well put together, or just flat out bad, I'll reject you.

5) Drama is always fun, you'd know that if you've ever seen the show. The storylines will be going along with the episodes but you are welcome to add in your own things just as long as their not too far-fetched. For example, Rick's not coming back from the dead.

6) Make sure your username corresponds with your character. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the characters name (example: causegirl or nolabels is perfect for Emma and Ellie) but x0babiigrlellie won’t be accepted. As well as limiting the number of underscores and “xs” in your name is helpful. The same rules apply for your AIM screename.

7) Make an AIM screename. I’m sorry to say, but it’s mandatory here. A majority of role-play happens via AIM IMs and chat rooms. If you need a moderator to make your screename for you, that’s perfectly OK. Computer problems happen to the best of computers. It’s cool. Don’t hesitate to ask. ENABLE CHATS ON YOUR AIM. IF YOU LINK SCREENAMES ASK A MOD. TO TELL YOU WHEN A CHAT IS GOING ON SO YOU CAN MAKE THAT SCREENAME YOUR “DEFAULT”.

8) IC (in character) and OOC (out side of character) conflicts are to be kept separate. Generally speaking, just because you have a problem with the role-player doesn’t mean your character does and vice versa. If problems persist, PM a mod and we’ll all opt for a way out of this.

8) Make a general disclaimer saying you’re not who you’re pretending to be. State that it’s all fake. If you can’t think of one, use our provided one: “No, I am not INSERT CHARACTER HERE or INSERT ACTOR/ACTRESS NAME HERE. I am just a fan of the show, participating in an activity called “role-playing”. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused you. To verify you have read the userinfo next to read the rules: put "sheila's special sauce ain't so special."

9) No more FEMALE original characters from this point
on! Only 3 more males!

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we're leaving off after 'going down the road' part 2. we also include all events in accidents will hapen part 1 & 2. if you did not see that episode, or any episodes in season 3, contact a moderator and we'll direct you to descriptions and/or downloads.
The hot, and sticky summer air is promptly turning cool and windy; as students across the country stock up on school supplies and new wardrobes. Degrassi students make the most of the peaceful days they have remaining of summer. As the much anticipated school year draws nigh, most are left to wonder about the dramatic occurrences they're bound to face this year. What will happen? Only you can make it happen.

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